About Trevor

For nearly 30 years, Trevor has been leading organizations, advising executives, and developing leaders at all levels and in numerous industries.  What sets Trevor apart is the diversity of his experience and his down-to-earth approach to developing leaders, hone from a combination of practical, hands-on experience and solid research-based evidence.  He speaks regularly on topics of leadership development, executive coaching, talent development, and organizational change.  An Executive Coach and Consultant with Stewart Leadership, Trevor is passionate about the experiential development of leaders are all levels.  If you’d like to strengthen your organization’s leadership pipeline and current executives, reach out to Trevor for an initial conversation to see if Adventure Leadership would benefit you!  Or simply to share a good conversation over a cup of coffee, let him know….he’s always up for that as well!

Trevor lives amidst the gorgeous hills and valleys of wine country in Northern California’s Sonoma County.  He enjoys reading, running, skydiving, scuba diving, camping, and backpacking.  He and his fiance, JoDee, have three dogs, two pugs and a black lab.  And he’s the proud father of two adult daughters.

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